We Offer the following Pallet Solutions for you

Pallet Rental

Pallet rental can be a cost-effective choice for many businesses. Beginning with the manufacturer or distribution centre, rented pallets move one way through the supply chain. Palletized loads are delivered to the end user, and the pallets are collected by EPL or by the client’s own transport once they are no longer needed. We inspect each pallet and make repairs as necessary before they return to the rental pool, in addition to quality pallets and excellent customer service. This enables us to provide you with an easy, user-friendly system to maintain the most efficient chain of supply possible.

Pallet Manufacturing

Info on Pallet Manufacturing will follow soon.

Benefits of the EPL Rental Program:



Closed-Loop Management Program

One of our pallet services is the closed-loop management program, which follows this process:

Ongoing Support Services

For those that choose our pallet rental program, we provide continuous support to make sure every step of your pallet logistics runs smoothly. Our constant monitoring and search for new opportunities makes the most efficient use of your pallets and fiscal resources. Our pallet rental program includes tasks like:

Repair and Return Program

As an environmentally conscious company, we believe in reusing materials to avoid needless waste. Many pallets can be returned to like-new condition with a quick nail here or a replacement slat there. Through our repair and return program, we can:

In addition to providing you with this effective management tool for your business, EPL is always seeking innovative ways to keep your costs low while consistently meeting your pallet demand.

Regular Business Reviews

When you chose EPL as your pallet management company, you are gaining a partner who is invested in the growth and success of your company. We regularly sit down with our customers to conduct a business review of their accounts, providing a thorough year over year report. This snapshot gives you an overview of your pallet management services through EPL.
During this open dialogue, we encourage you to let us know where we’ve exceeded expectations and where we could do better. In addition to assessing our performance and services, we proactively identify new solutions to help you meet your goals. We also create a Green Scorecard to show you the measurable impact you’ve made on the environment by working with EPL.